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Dakota made her wrestling debut in January 1999 for Mid South Wrestling in Batesville, AR. While there she caught the eye of the Missouri Bad Boys. The Bad Boys hired her as their Personal Security/Manager. Dakota began working shows in Dyersburg, TN for the Warriors of Wrestling Federation with the Bad Boys. The fans took an immediate dislike to her. Dakota has played a key role in the outcome of many Bad Boy matches.

Dakota has left a trail of broken bodies with her devastating choke slam. She has stepped into the ring with both women and men, towering over most of the female wrestlers and many of her male counter parts. Dakota welcomes any and all challengers.

On June 5, 1999 Dakota won an eight man one woman battle royal in Palmersville, TN. This win helped Dakota prove that she can hold her own in the ring with the guys.

On October 22, 1999 Dakota was attacked in the parking lot by Moondog Rover and 'Prime Time' Tim White on the orders of Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. The injuries to her knee were sufficient enough to require surgery to correct the damage.

On December 2, 1999 Dakota got clearance from the doctor to return to the ring.

On April 8, 2000 Dakota defeated Brianna Starr to become the Midsouth Wrestling Association Women's Champion in Dresden, TN.

On June 23. 2000 Dakota defeated Auburn and Brianna Srarr in a Triple Threat match to become the first ever NWA Midsouth Women's Champion.

On July 16, 2000 Dakota and Tommy Redneck defeated Naughty By Nature to become the MSWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. Dakota made wrestling history by becoming the first female to hold the MSWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Title. We know Dakota is the first female to hold a World Heavyweight title in MSWA and she could quite possibly be the first female to ever hold a World Heavyweight title in any organization. MSWA is lookng into to that possibility now.

On August 2, 2000 Dakota was named the first ever G.L.O.R.Y girl. G.L.O.R.Y is a website dedicated soley to women in wrestling. Each month the fans vote on which girl they want to win and for the month of July the fans voted for Dakota. You can check out the G.L.O.R.Y site by visiting G.L.O.R.Y or you can click on the G.L.O.R.Y link on the links page.

August 18, 2000 Dakota regained the NWA Midsouth/WOWF Women's Championship Belt after defeating Brianna Starr by using a submission move (it was a version of the crippler crossface) in which Brianna passed out thus making Dakota the women's champ once again.


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